Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Within the Lair of A Winged Fiend (Mythic Series Volume Four)

The inner depths of a winged lair,
Darkened soldiers came before
Never again returned to their land again,
Feeling rock and wall,
The only guide in this place,
But blindness is nothing new to me,

As a child, in my teens,
My father, myself and my two younger brothers,
Headed towards the west
When we stopped to rest under glorious trees
In a forest made of glass
My blade too heavy along the root
Seconds after branches and crystal leaves
Cascaded down to us
A sun flare entered just in time
Stunned to see the world collapse
I looked directly into its lance,
Four long days would pass before
My sight would become restored

This blindness is different though,
Bits and pieces we can view yet the
Presence of others lingered too,
Sensing danger we spin in darkness
Blade extended for these dark entities,
As time expired crumble would our mind
Into this place we grew bonded
And began to form vision
To see the creatures confronting us
That is when the youngest lunged
Dagger first, a gushing sound escaped
Along with a shining brilliance
Igniting all lamplights to fullness ready
Soon this hollow would grow heavy
And if intuition holds its line
Blood will flow, surround this tribe

And as premonition verified itself
This winged beast came down from it’s precipice
A shrieking tone with talons out
A bloodied beak with edges sharp
And yet, it chose such a place
A place which light escaped
A dwelling so unsettling
Its wings could not expand
Using our swords would not be fair
Instead feathers would be plucked with the hand
Wings punched through the creature
Dropped fast, through the floor and below
Soon where it was it would not know,
But for the purpose of this clan
Another battle won,
The outer crevice reached,
Inhaling mountain air,
Drink tonight, drink well
Tomorrow we voyage to the temple on the hill

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