Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Bridge: An historical Overview from Past to Present (Mythical Series Volume Seven)

Generations gone before these same eyes,
 Much has changed since the temple’s flame,
 Of those men, the only to remain is me,

Months had since parched us dry,

Since last Freya left our side,

Men grew tired, men grew bored,

The withdrawal from blood to shed,
All imprisoned, could be worse I would tell,

Factions were forming before my eyes,

Sides were drawn,
Many would hold back biting tongues,

Their belief, their faith, remained with me,
Obey their guide, their religion, their creed,

Others boredom clawed beneath, created wounds towards their very chance at immortality,
These men were good at bludgeoning,

Excelled at piercing flesh and crushing skull,

Patiently awaiting the sign to come,
A daunting feat for each of them,
Word quickly spread through the units,
Asgaard would not call upon us,

The Gods have given up, have forgot about men like us,
With only the same fruit, same drink, same mead, same meat,

Without variety, tempting evil grows close and nigh,
The men began to question the memory even,

Of Freya standing before us that night, doing what she did,

Requesting what she would,
Sven, a bold soldier in himself, raised axe with violent abandon,
Broke his voice for each world to hear,

His patience and he claimed to speak, for each of us upon this hill,
Had become breached, and had long since been dry,
And if an enemy were to come,

So much a gift for beast or man,
To clash with souls smothered by contempt, of men standing still,

I rose to urge him not go with such lines any further,
But too much mead he had got,

Lost in misery he failed to see, that the mission was not complete,
We were but pawns in the grandest of schemes,

And wait we must to collect our rightful things,

My words were dampened by their ire,
Effigies of Gods they would place on the fire,

When a flash reached each world in its brightening,

Could rueful words have awakened?

Would the hammer soon claim our scalps?
Anger turned to somber fear,

Fore in all the men’s disparaging words,

Each was not foolish to believe a God they could fairly fight,

Surprised the men, myself as well,
From asgaard’s glow our rivers swelled,

Our livestock rampantly multiplied,
All variation of fruit to eat,

A golden ramp would close the gap,
A bridge for where the vegetation was at,

Men were at awe,
Open faced, ashamed and scarred,

Then wood it would appear,
Along with nails made of solid steel,
Hammers too aligned the shores,
A sign our waiting would last much more,

Enough wood there was for each of us,

A house to claim as their own,
Fattening upon nightly feasts,

Debauchery led to best night sleeps,
But again, time greatly swept us on each side,

And men grew tired once again,

The food, the drink, the libations to keep,
The nails, the boards, the homes we built,

And yet these men desired comfort still,
Long days went by and the greatest of each unit
Would cease not to cry,
Many vowed to cross the way,

To the closest towns,

The nearest villages they would meet,

Women were the drug they need,
I warned them all that soon would come,
The announcement from above,

And they did not believe a word I spoke,
Beards like this take time to coat,

They’ve lost track of us up on this village hill,
They’ve left us here to die,

To rot away so close to the core,
So near the sky,

No they pled enough play the God’s have had,
It was time we gathered all and deserted this rueful mission,
At which time the sky turned red,
Then nothing could be seen at all,

We’d all been exposed to a blinding might,
And each for much time saw darkened light,

 Stumbling most the men would do,
Until their bed they’d feel,

Retire each would for they each required replenishing,

When I arose the next day since,
I noticed each home was still the way they’d last since been,

All men accounted for,
Nothing changed at all,

Until I saw a sight that would spirit lift,
Awaken faith within them all,
In the rivers, the water clears,

Maidens, so many for eyes to hear,
Each bathing as the God’s intended them,

By this time now, the men had arose,

And vision had returned to them,
Upon seeing what I have,

Their quest for departure had been left for dead,
With a quickened pace,

We all met the maiden’s by the lakes,
The first one brown and gold,

Approached me, and such she told,
They were hear for our needs fulfilled,
There was one for each man in these mountain fields,
To take and choose,

Pick the ones they chose to own,
And so they did, all but I,

I chose to remain as I had,
Devoted to the God’s alone,

Myrta, the one for me,
Understood and judged not did she of me,

Together she spent many years,
As friend, as companion,

Never questioned did I her,
For women also have wanton wombs,

At which time I heard a voice in prayer that night,
Which told me my honor was beyond expectation,

I should lay with Myrta for the rest of days,
And pleased with this news Myrta laid with me,

A thousand years since has passed,

The scenery had spun into a village,
That now rests as the shoulders,

Of three towns strong with maidens as well as men,
Sprawling down the mountains, into fields and past grand valley ways,

Each warrior was taught the trade,

I oversaw each detail they were to learn,
My men, the maidens, my family too, all gone and burned,

Their children, and their children’s children too,
No one left from the day Freya came and sang her song,
But from those men, because of them,
Today we stand an army wide,

Awaiting the calling still from above,
Many generations now have not spilt blood,

Many more do not care of it,
Peace is as unsettling to me,

As hordes of demons from each side,
From below, and from above,

But ready they were,
Dedicated for that day,
Many more days had crossed,

Many fall from age,
Yet many more replace them here,

Children ask me all the days,
Why am I the only one, yet to pass away?
A question I had answers none,
They called me a God myself,

Quickly though I ended talk like such,
I live until I die, until that day,

I live to serve, and Serve to live, and live to survive, Survive for them, as well as you,
This is the path, this is the goal,

And if we die before they return, we will wait in silence, from our tombs

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