Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tell Me Where the Rivers Gone

Tell me where the rivers gone
Eroded, lost, neglected, drained,
And where did the skylines go,
What once was clear is filled with smoke,

Where were you when this all transpired?
Where are you now in times so dire?

I remember the years of youth,
When grass was green
And truth was truth,

I remember nature mingling,
From blades of grass to the summer’s breeze,
From wave to leaf,
A landscape of God’s intent,
Parched throats curing thirst along the shore,
Tiniest of creatures scurry up the trees, the games they play, the foraging,
The deer, the geese, the moose, the elk,
The squirrel, the bear, the fish, the gazelles, the bees,

Where have they gone? 
Why did they leave?
Is man responsible?
Should we grieve?

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