Thursday, March 17, 2011

Man's Best Friend

Walking through the park I met someone
                                                                You met someone?
Walking through the park I met someone
                                                                You met someone
Walking through the park I met somebody
                                Walking through the park he met somebody

He was the nicest pup I’d ever seen,
                                                                Nice little dog you met today
About fifty pounds, brown and grey,
                                                                Sounds bout’ right, yes indeed
He just wagged that tail staring at me
                                                                Wagging his tail, wagging it good
When he wouldn’t leave I wondered where he should be,
                                                                Lost little dog, you found in the park
He didn’t have a collar, the park was empty, no one around, no one to be found,
                                                                Someone might be worried, soon it’ll be dark
So I brought him home and poured him some milk,
Dog was so hungry he drank it quick,
I gave him some ham, he liked him some,
                                   Hungry dog, Hungry Dog, Hungry, Hungry Dog                                                 
                                                                Ate that ham, and drank that milk
                                                                So, So Hungry, He Finished Awfully Quick
I got attached so fast, I couldn’t understand, If no one claims him I’m going to call him Sam,
                                                                       Soon Sam’s going to be your very best friend

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