Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paranoid vines estrangle Breath Away (Deliving Into Madness Chapter One)

Zombie like I wandered for hours,
into locales I’d long forgotten,

Despite the close proximity to my abode,

I watch these people,

What they drive, what sort of dress they wear,

How they interact with others, when the violence starts?

And have come to the conclusion,

If you close your mind to the answer,

The question will not appear,

Trying to roll the dice a bit this night,
I’ve got myself into a dabbling I don’t deny,

However, the terms are what the terms were back before,

They cannot simply change because someone decides so,

So I stay away from my bed,

I let the pantry rot with moldy bread and rotten fruit,

I leave the lights on, in case, actually I do not know,

But they are on, and the doors are locked,

Yet I know so well,

These aren’t the sort, who takes no very well,

I fully anticipate, five minutes into message checking,
The whole place to blow, and then for real, I’ll have nowhere else to go

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