Friday, April 1, 2011

The Programmer (Early Tales Chapter One)

Harboring fugitives from justice was not my aspiration growing up,
In fact, It most likely never crossed my mind,

Not a single thought, not the faintest gleam,

Why would I, they were wanted men and women?
Well, as things would have it, so was I,

It is true what they say,
Do something counter to your normal offerings,

And it is that much easier to complete the same task the second time,

And this formula continues on its course,

Well, you might say, how does someone break into such a line of work?
My answer would be simple, to the point.

You only get into a career of this sort, when three conditions are met:
                You have no other options

                The career chooses you

                You are the one needing safe harboring

I’ve met men and women that can safely fall in each of the conditions, some, as often is the case, fall into more than one.

My first “project” was the moving of a clan of techno-related fiends,
I tried at first not to ask questions that could later put me in peculiar situations,

However, through the many years, I’ve found it all important to obtaining such information up front, before any money changes hands, before I’ve agreed to assist the individual(s) on their flight,

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