Thursday, March 24, 2011


A shadowy angelic dream cursed,
It’s always been about her,
There never was or will be any other,
From moments first enthrallment
To the rapid decay which soon followed,
Tempestuous restraint
Pursed lips,
Partially gnawed cuticles
On thumbs and indexing fingers,
Her display was unexpected,
White dress, pink flower,
Her insight was naïve,
The optimization of the human condition,
And believing in the philosophies she’d create,
Insight born and abandoned in her pristine yet chaotic head,

Starlight dancers on cardboard floors
Sheltering dismal beginnings
Fragmenting, dispersing
Through the use of multi-operational disco balls,
Rise and fall,
Epitomes and mouse tracking software,
Installed to the basin of the skull
Instructing and inflicting
Destiny awaits your call,
Mind so complex and less discussed than ought to have been,
I couldn’t understand a word she said
Yet my every thought was of her instead,
Dream big or bury yourself,
Beneath moth ridden clothing,
Allow your skin to shrivel to fit your skeleton,
If you don’t die trying,
Why should anyone cared if you die at all,

Passion in all realms of living,
Posture however inspired her in that minute devotion,
Her spirit flocks to structures in the sky,
Even tonight,
Five months to the hour,
I can feel her presence prodding me,
Damning words confessed so viciously,
All in the name of progress,

I miss her,
I’ll never meet another like her, no one could,
I can’t forgive her though,
For stealing away the only girl I’ve ever loved,
One day after whispering something remarkable,
So quiet I almost could not hear,
But her voice rose, just slightly, so I could hear her say,
I’ve got a secret I’d like very much to share,
You’re the only boy I’ve ever chose to wear,
And this moment is the only time I’ve ever
Said I love you, outside bedtime well wishes to my mom and dad,

I find myself spending more time as days expire,
Trying to understand, trying to make sense,
But each and every time,
I believe more and more, there had to be some other way to illustrate her point

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