Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wisdom in a Ballot Box

Absent ballots count just as well
As those punched solid while standing there

As a consequence of actions,
Each tabulated numeral,
Every analytical slant and swerve,
Confidence dwindles patiently
From the creases and the corners,

The here, the now,
The there and the whenever,
Pocahontas in a red dress,
Begging the wolf to return,
A deep rabid river flow,
A titan’s fury bottled to go,
Passionate as a first nights kiss,
These consumptions put weight to voice,

Housed in collapsibility,
Compartmentalized for hairline fractures
Of incomplete sentences,
Come the blank stare, the reader evinces choice,
To Coventry send this whim

A finger unveiled,
 Indicates pulse through indexed rhyme

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