Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Particles of Voice

Softly sorrow melts the heart,
A winter’s coldness flash and freeze,
With a blinding wind through frigid veins,
The rhythmic patter dissolves to rust,
Where would you turn if it was your choice?
What distance would you travel?
How can you justify, how can you defend?

In the evening angles descend then depart,
From their perch, they gather, implant and seize,
Every word, past and present, dialogue to cliché,
Gawking award you do clutch, yet quickly you adjust,
To the moment, thoughts reclaim their voice,
For those not in the know, your rhetoric dazzles,
Their disbelief you suspend,

Holding it all together is not a gift any more an art,
All the expectations commit you, deepens the unease,
In the mirror, every day, you see a face, a valet
One who is more than just a stranger, but one you cannot entrust,
Every day could generate the dreaded final invoice,
An overwhelming fear is the first stage of your unravel,
Any moment it all could end,

Upon that first bitter fold, spills forth a counterpart,
A replication of all you hold, not calming as a gentle breeze,
Instead a consuming allusion, this alteration shall overstay,
Each moment disappears a part of you; your visions crumble to dust,
Creating a mutiny in as such, while the devil you brought forth rejoices,
It learns, it grows, aspirations so severe produce devastation to the decibel,
And with it born an enemy, one you must nurture and extend,

Anxiety billows to a crushing force, once more you must restart,
It laughs, it belittles, it takes you once again, suffocating hands squeeze,
Tightly, firmly around your throat, hallucinations tether towards the gray,
You cannot turn or run, your mind is coveted by disgust,
Words you once lauded high you now must alter your devoice,
No longer can you stare within, your arms are bound, and you are saddled,
A persona too difficult to explain, the product of a vicious blend,

Run, Run Swift like the hart,
Gather strength, gaining speed, eradicate this disease,
Bring him to unfamiliar ground; lure him in inventive ways,
It is certain only one can be, with this dagger you must thrust,
Into yourself, look elsewhere no longer, it is your choice
Regardless win or lose, your legend will become immortal
All your hopes and each of your dreams, all of these they depend,

Take back your song, reclaim its voice
Use it to rappel
Over the darkness we all contend

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