Monday, March 28, 2011

Transformation of a Girl I knew

At first you’ll dye that blonde away,
Days then weeks we’ll watch it gray,

And now the once bright star we knew,

Transformed as the darkest of hearts within her grew,

Plaster skin,

Shanked smiles and cheshire grins,

The simplest and the deepest,

Overlooked for the most invasive thing you find,

The paradox of course,

Being spooned your wisdom off a convoluted plate,

Without out warning,

From the shadows,

You lurk and crawl,

From the darkness,

You’re likeness sprawls,
Pouncing towards, lashing at,
Any craving within your path,

Out of breath,

It cannot speak,

But the begging is all too clear,

Yet you choose not to hear,

At this point autopilot ensues,

Wickedly easy,
The transformation was,

By the lack of what’s inside now,

Compared to that little girl I knew well,

Without fear hate can take the weak most anywhere.

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