Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Agreement to Speak

Asked for my participation or my funding,
I agreed to donate my voice,
And Speak to a community of their choosing,

These decision makers could not have known,
The language which spews from my pursed lips,
Many would critique some of what I had in mind,
As ill appropriate for those contained,

Nevertheless I spoke in a half-shade,
Dimly delving, diluted
Altered companioned style,
Yet still, scholars they call themselves,
I may disagree,
I will not label,
As I do not have knowledge,
And even then,
I would not lower myself to such a degree,

Yet, I must confess,
I found it hard, very difficult,
Speaking to those who were advertised as such,
Yet from the blank gazes gathered,
Discussing modernity
To a congregation of aborigines

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