Saturday, March 12, 2011

Deconstruction of a Pause

Pause and listen to words as they are formed
Formed in structure, Forged in Form
Form your own uniqueness, you own solutions
Solutions however are not always answers
Answers are sought as closure, as yielding full clarity
Clarity however may simple mean you are now able to hear the questions
Questions which unlock the pathway to the hidden
Hidden in hibernation, cloaked in seclusion
Seclusion bred from the loins of reclusion
Reclusion created from the seeds of isolation
Isolation breeds a certain disconnection, primitive yet well developed conclusions
Conclusions based on intrinsic design, designs of validation
Validation born from theories of catharsis
Catharsis really is the motive
Motive is the back story to the permutation you’ve amassed
Amassed from your vast indulgence in the expansive nature within the realm of the silent pause

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