Thursday, March 10, 2011

Delusions Glandular (Hallucintation Number Four)

From the blanket comes a page,
With flavored verse and frightening tone,
Alive it comes as stanzas run
Soon the words rise above
Crawling towards the readers mouth
Intent to pry teeth apart,

To gain passage one must have a journey in mind,
To have a journey prudence declares a plan
Without the hallway moves in some other way,
Not so gently spanning away,
Flail like a wounded creature,
Out of breath, all alone

This night a dream I birthed has taken life,
A dark yet impassioned openness
Wet to touch from the daggered cold
Scars disappear, scabs remove
Time halts and near you are
Void from caress,
I watch you close
Awake I do in a horrid drench
 Dirty, sour, spoiled stench
Chambers empty all about me, desperate and alone, I reach and reach,
The foundation begs the questions, what happened and what was learned?

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