Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Unexpected Fable (Hallucination Postscript Vision One)

Fatal vixen, you’re my angel
Awakened, my creation, in your cradle,

Your portrait reminds me so
That all those people and their scolds
Bear nothing to me as I witness you

The memory of the night you were formed
May be distant and erased
Yet the fruits of that fated moment
Are in my arms every night,

How she could walk from me,
How she could abandon you,
I should feel upset
Yet I feel joy,
I should swell in frustration
Yet this gift, a present I was unaware just days ago
Will change my future ever so,

The strange actions of the universe happen for reasons we shall never know
Sometimes violent furies collide and muddy up your path
Then times like this,
An angel is seen sweeping away the debris,
Replacing damage with hope and purpose

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