Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grey Boat

Walking on a grey boat, at this unholy hour,
From east to west, from rail to rail,
Pacing on a grey boat,
Seconds moving as fast as many people’s hours,

Walking on a grey boat, atop some murky water,
Down a narrow inlet, over the darkest water
Working on a grey boat,
It’s not the kind you find for leisure,

Walking on a grey boat, same way as usual
Pacing back and forth,   the wet boards touching sneakers,
Awash not from rain, but from a misty air,
A tributary from that falling rapid over there,

Not many voices to soothe
Less distractions too I suppose
On such a large grey boat
Manned by a crew of two
                                And I haven’t seen the captain in four long days
Works a product of several assumptions
My main reason, my main duty
Is to feed the coal into this beauty,
Grey soldier, after all these years
So many thoughts and words we’ve shared
And still your spitting darkness out to the air

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