Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Not Taking It All In

Been living, in a land of disinformation,
I live in a world nobody understands,
Labels pasted from snap judgments made,
The ignorant can’t keep up,
Each ripple spurred,
The repercussions from this all,

Tiny Flaws,
Leave big scars,
After all,
Even kittens have claws,

Beneath the dangling metaphor
Within the past participle
I see the market stork
And steam away, steam away
Tomorrows another day,
Another opportunity,
To gamble, to drink,
To watch the venom disseminate,

Orange profits will funnel in,
Through a teeny tiny cosmic crinkle
An hourglass of instigators,
Shadow baggers in their foil,
Trade wagers on the dial,
Masking tape above the wire,
Formulaic decompression,
Along with self-prescribed medicinal vacations
The only reprieves,
From drowning in the quagmire,
The dysfunction from depression brings

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