Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outward and Inward (The Quest for Solitude)

Outward and inward
 An ellipsis and a jellyfish
Both are elusive,
Each brightens their surroundings
And neither have a spine

Downward and outbound
A pretzel in a jar
The mouth waters,
Salty brilliance contained inside a crackle and a crunch,
Your tongue swirls, navigating past
And through, salivating rapids rushing down,
Your desire increases, your craving only rises in priority,
Until you reach the counter,
And realize how many others
Put their hands in that jar,

Where do I stop myself?
At what point does the deliberation end?
I only wish to live:
Without collapsing roadmaps,
                                Without the internal bickering,
Just give me peace, however you may please!
The most skillful transcriptionist would shake and spin her head,
Trying to describe the words that rage within my head.

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