Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chaos in the Inventory (A Maelstrom in the Echo)

I live in a lonely world,
Blue steel shackled cold,

If I don’t speak,

No one will ever know,

There lives a world with everything you see and do,
And there is a world a blueprint of the first,

Yet in this second world we see,

A few, alarming distinguishing tells,

To separate, to correlate,

Each world knows not of the other,
Balance however must stay centered,

Symmetrical in design,

I stand alone in a world sublime,

Where radios play the different songs,

Playing simultaneously,

Where chaos and serenity

Become the opposite sides of a coin,

Or a mirror,

I live in between,
I am equilibrium,

I keep things aligned,

Moving from place to place,

I capture, return things that must not escape

If other things occur

I see the alternate receives the opposite

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