Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Visions from Another Place ( The Conduit Volume Three-Subset I)

image by Manu Pombrol

The wicked tempests devour whole,
Yet these “savages” 
are neither restless nor retired,

On an island nation much different than our own
a palace stands still

Despite walls of crumbling stone,
A "king" rules with scepter high
upon a throne salvaged from 
citizens, denizens and constituencies

Being no match for the monkeys,
that dangle and swing
from those decapitated trees of dream

a prince cannot conspire
like the ne’er-do-well 
who's ever quick to swallow,
s    un
Yet they each have their own
semblance of faith, 
when deconstructed
illustrates potential
as to how
Some things still
remain stronger  
than the pervasive
howls and oppressively
toned splintering
of slivers-
etched and tuned,
the unreachable palaces
housing those
delinquencies within

Some call it shrapnel
others karma
I say relief,
for the print could be
much smaller and

the level could've risen higher

The king breathes shallow
as ink dries to skin

this tumbled tomb
paints parables
of irony
For it was the medic
 who's back turned wayside
a distance from events 
and shame-less-
He stands, as a leader should,
preaching to minions 
who just happened to be

a people much stronger 
than the illness he freed

This is a poem I originally posted last March.  I've reissued it, with a few changes and have linked to the Fortresses, Castles, Palaces and Royal Houses prompt for Poetry Picnic Week 33

as well as for Magpie Tales 115


  1. I wonder if once he's read the book though and when he's bored and maybe lonely, if the king would be happy in his isolation.
    Great tale Fred.

  2. "Karma shrapnel" - a fine concept. Thanks for a very good response to the prompt.

  3. Though not easy , it seems the kingdom has asumed a certain orderliness , great trip, mate.

  4. Some call it shrapnel
    others karma
    I say relief,
    for the print could be
    much smaller and

    the level could've risen higher

    could have been worse for sure...i like that is was the medic that was the real leader, a healer...and a people stronger than the illness freed..some really cool story telling fred...

  5. The king and his kingly makes. He would have to replenish his reading materials to stay on. It'll just happen in a karma? Great read Fred!


  6. A well told tale ..thank you for sharing x

  7. I really like "some call it shrapnel others karma"...nice write...

  8. this is great

    you have so many terms that make me think of taking a crap like the crumbling walls
    and you have terms like unreachable places and the dangle and swing..."precious"

    renal test

  9. Enjoyed reading this and to tell the truth sometimes I feel like queen of all I survey, until my family comes home and I realize that to them I'm mother, healer, bank and friend. Perhaps not a queen, but part of a wonderful kingdom. Well written, be blessed.