Saturday, March 19, 2011

Attending a Dinner for the Cursed

Splitting moments,
Spinning instant’s
Sequential and rigid,
Obsolete and unforgivable,
Challenging and formidable,

Spitting venom across the room,
Fork-sized, apt for dinner, not dessert,
Knifing through scholarly work,
Finding quotes, that when applied, rarely work,
Appropriate conventions that just may,
Invite two recently acquainted strangers
The seats just down from me,
Discussing everything they have in common,

Crystalline, hovering spheres,
Click, click, implosion,
Shards show quite the aptitude,
A devious inception,
A foot too slow,
A man of interest must be near,
Reapers, demons, fallen angels,
Each have eyes, and each are represented here,

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