Monday, March 28, 2011

Prehex (bliss)

And she dabbles in the dark arts,
She said she needs a spark,
Perhaps another way,
For that feeling you'll find today,
She says she needs a purpose,
A calling, a direction,
I believe she's just searching, crawling,

About the grassy knolls, and in each fold,

Simply put she's looking to be apart of something,
And once you travel down this path,

Murky shadows will retract,

The voices, once unheard,

Whisper loud like singing birds,

The mastery, the mystery,

The infamy, the sorcery,

But what will she do,

When the evil grows so large, so demanding,

The way everyone warned it one day would?

But by the realization bit,
She’ll be on cue, she'll be spell bound, corrupted,

Nothing ill, No criticism can be said,
She'll hitch her ride and float away,
As for me,

I believe their must be another possibility,
Even still in this state,
There must be an alternate strategy,
Another directive of which to take,
There has to be another way,
To feel, to locate those pieces missed

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