Sunday, March 20, 2011

Solar Flare

A solar flare up in the sky
Questions swirl
Reflections reenter this vapid void,

Tails and casts aside
The power between cloud and star
What divinity should bless
A vision even the blind can feel

Inspiring awe,
The creation comes,
A vacuum everywhere,
Sucking negativity’s designs far and away,

Catatonia mesmeric phobia,
Apparently I fall somewhere on one of the grids,
Maybe some place in-between,
This solitary incitement,
And all the excitement that pursued,
I question things I’ve thought for long,
Demand an audit upon my memory,
A memory so complex it may take extremely long,

Maybe I am truly blessed, maybe not,
Perhaps I’m a part of this, and that’s all a man can really ask

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