Thursday, March 24, 2011

In This Exaggerated Tunnel

In this exaggerated tunnel,
We are forced to ride,
To and from everything,
The notion is noxious
The forecast is daunting
Frame upon frame
Seemingly the vision doesn’t change,

Many like me aboard; also there are those I do abhor,
And then there are many others I’ve grown numb towards
But I see people all the time in a different mindset,
Joking, conversing, communicating just fine,
Some is one sided, head nod then good day
Others are deep and intimate
Where neither wished it to be any other way
Not caring by who sees what
They are both looked upon
By an extra large shield of love,

There then, that’s the answer,
Fall in a stupor and fail to acknowledge
The reality and confusion which surrounds you,
Much happier, very convinced in the fallacy
Everyone is born good natured,
They say reframe yet I think it’s so much simpler to leave the train

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