Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There’s always a solution,
There’s always a goat.
Heart rate mercury bound
Sentinels stand and wait
Rubber wears while the rubber meets the street,
Inflate, Deflate, Inflate again
Shaking, Quiver, Quaking, Shiver
Shoulder looking,
No one’s there,
Soft steps speak louder than
Pistonic feet,
Crumbling, crack in concrete
Laces underneath,
Running, running,
Lungs cannot accelerate,
Jumping fences in attempts to escape
Never surrender, never die,
Pulse, pulse, pulse,
The rain can hear you’ve got but moments,
Then you see the blue jackets
You see the hats and you watch the sirens,
Drive straight by the alleyway in which you hide,
You see the woman and the man,
The children fingering the wrong one,
You walk by as his hands are behind him,
Given enough time, a goat will certainly appear

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