Friday, March 18, 2011

Regrets and Errs

All those things I regret today
I regret letting her leave,
And not having followed,

I regret the many words I never should have said,
Or at least explained exactly what I meant,

I regret the flowers planted in the snow,
If I knew then what I do know,
I would have known that this is not the climate
To give those seeds a chance to grow,

I regret all the things I did not do,
If I had perhaps my world today
Would be flavored very different,

All my regrets are selfish at best,
Centered solely around my open wounds,
Each regret squarely rest in mistakes I made,
Or never gave myself the chance to make,

Perhaps one day I’ll have the power of will,
I’ll allow myself mistakes to bear
And not to fear the chance I’ll err

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