Friday, March 18, 2011


He practiced sagination on all he owned,
Encased, in glass,
Encased, like trophies in a wall,

An initial stroll down such a hall way,
Leads you to answers you never knew were there,
You become discomforted and your boundaries shift,
You want to touch what’s inside,
Whatever it was behind that shield,
It became something I needed too,

It became the only thing,
The only focus of attention,

And excuses would be used,
Different culprits demonstrated,
All to glimpse what was there,
What was being kept from me,

I remember the way you looked,
Your slouch and your sanguine look
But it was your phlegmatic resistance
That enthralled every bit of me,

Encapsulated I became,
Each departure, each rotten frame,
Every shadow that dreams brought forth,
Every shadow reconfiguring,
Altering the very essence of who I was,

I sensed my acquaintance began to push,
The limits of our needfulness,
Pathologically I would display,
Incessant habits,
Impulsive crowding,
Incautious ways,

To quell this incendiary connection
Unlatch you did the glass that separates,
From a pedestal you pulled her down,
And there she stood,
Yet she made no sound,
Simply slouching with that perfunctory frown,

Satisfied was what you said,
My eyes never moved,
They never swayed,
Until the moment she came alive,
The shocking fright you displayed,
I then knew you had no way to comprehend,

Transfixed I became again,
This darling child,
This precious woman,
Began, stopped, then began again,
Pulling rubies from your frozen state,
I didn’t move as you changed shape,
Slipping down to Exsanguinate

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