Friday, February 4, 2011

Remorse of a Giant

And to the East there are giants high, coveting the mountains in the sky,
Below skylines tainted in an amber glow,
The days of burgundy, the times of brightly dripping stone,
After this evening, never more,

The kings of the east deny involvement,
The Queens, far to the west, want no part,
The Northern fields and Southern plains,
With their brilliant castles and glorious waterways,
Is no contest, for a giant infused by death,

I’m incorrigible, I’m divine,
Made of rock, chiseled with purpose,
I will not retreat, nor denied,
With pointed horns, taut to the clouds,
My eyes proclaim, my hands decree,
Come.  Cease this surfeit if you can,
Invoke your sleeping giant, crusader I’m standing here!
Call upon your champion lest this feast will never yield,
This wrath, this scourge I alone cannot control,
Absolved singular, at the hands of a giant god,
Chance he fails or refuse acceptance,
To tear away this flesh, to set this molten free,
And fertilize these same fields, where I stand high
Brother, I pray release me from the curse I’m bound to,

I know this warning has been listened to,
Incongruity will pass, but I shall not,
Do not ignore me in this time of needfulness,
You must slay your youngest brother dead,
Our connection is ever more,
If this curse does not die however, with me this eve,
Forever their blood, their souls will eat constantly upon you,
Starting with your heart, feasting on your head

I shall persevere within this fight, if my blood does spill as I suspect it might,
Than loneliness will never harm me again,
And to the west there will be giants high, coveting the mountains in the sky

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