Monday, February 7, 2011


Neck-bone connected to the back bone,
Rolling heads bearing teeth,
An atlas shrugged offers tensioned release,
In the cervical design our limitations outshine every region of the spine,
Reflecting the direction of this mortal coil,
Sharp, rigid and pointed, our flexibility resides in its axis,
Its importance undone in a moment of brittle routine,
One false movement can destroy,
Alter perception of reality

Much maligned and often undermined
By the power of the Lumbar spine
And the glamour of the Cervical design
Yet straight and firm, Thor rests closest to our hearts,
Protecting the soul by keeping form,
Yet when maligned, treatments rarely address this spine.

The power and the force
The loudest of the trio, dictating the course,
Flexing pivots and timely twists,
Without our lumbar
How could we move?

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