Sunday, February 6, 2011

An Assault on Rhyme

Just had an idea to try to write something where every line ended with a rhyme of the line before.  I probably could have done a much better job with it, but as I always do, I just let my mind go with it.  The result isn't what I was looking for, in the least bit, but thought I'd share anyhow.

 In a Flitter
Our young sitter
 Is so Bitter
That the boyfriend of her dear sister
Betrayed her bad when he tricked her,
Using that poor girl, that temptress trickster,
Who probably told her he loved her before he did her,
To which in anger chose the sitter,
To take this case to the jury of twitter
 She came right out and declared, “Just because you appear to be richer
Doesn’t mean you’re really richer
You do know all that’s gold doesn’t always glitter
How big you are to cheat on my twin sister,
Then go to your boys to brag while you pick up the one-hitter,
But I’m sure you conveniently forgot to mention those blisters,
Oh, you didn’t know, well I got the same doctor as that double-fister,
You should pay closer attention instead of only slither,
Better go to the doctor now before it withers,
And don’t even think about crawling back to her,
You’re nothing but a zero and she’s an A-lister”
All this as the baby critters
Also chose to make so much litter

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