Thursday, February 3, 2011

When Desires Vanish

When desires vanish, and warmth's removed,
I can’t explain how we arrived at this place,
Seems like just yesterday you had butterflies,
And I was scared to death,
But the truth is too easy not to see,
Yet we deny any notion of problems,
Not sure when the trouble began
But I am aware it’s not just one,
Nor is it only the other,
There’s too much space and not enough smothering,
Lately I feel invisible, alone without any of the immutable benefits of isolation

But we don’t argue, we don’t fight, we don’t bicker and we don’t bite,
When we’re out we sure put on our pretty faces,
Looking good to strangers on the street, perfect masks for you and me,
The house we share we cross paths here and there,
But home to us, is defined with two entirely different entry cases,
Some days I wonder why we even bother,
Then moments pass and I recall how this all started, remembering exactly why,
But there must be a solution, some type of resolution,
A set, a control, some sort of working model,
For this vague and non-substantial, bland relation, empty, vacant and hollow are the
Words spoken, with the clarity and closeness expressed between two strangers,
Each conversation sounding like extended copy, each selling to the other coldness, an unknown
 To where little smiles and gentle touching forms, are enough to prevent any deeper, meaningful discussions

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