Monday, February 7, 2011


Sprinkled across texts of sand
Titanium housing constructed in a foreign land,
Debris scattered under heat pressed clay,
All parts of identity drained away,
Waves of brilliance scorched and seared
By the nightfall all evidence was cleared

A deep hardening of thoughts converged,
Between might and magic,
He didn’t know which way to turn,
The atmosphere seemed false,
His mind erased, his body torn,
The heart however, the siphon could not remove,

Most memories are no longer there,
But the memory he needs is still aware,
Powerful depictions alive and framed,
Silver tongued, she played with verbs,
Precious melodies unexplained, induce
Thoughtful winks from trance-like stares,
 Misty eyes and salty tears,
With every breath she comes alive,
On he’ll search forever and ever, and then some more,
 Until that day when their lips meet again

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