Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ghost Story

I’ve never met a ghost,
Actually that is not entirely true,
When I was very young I believed I saw my grandfather
He provided some advice as he briefly spoke to me,
But I’m not ready to call him a ghost, perhaps an apparition,

But the whole haunted house
And paranormal activity, is really not for me,
With their green lights and fancy vans,
 High Tech gear, cameras and fancy paraphernalia,
Devouring an hour maybe two, try as they might
 They fail in bringing any ghoul or ghastly beast to light,

Yes they do claim to hear moans and groans,
Creaking floors and slamming doors,
 To which they weave between semi-interesting back-story
Then every once in a while, when the spirits are in the mood
We may get a shattered window or light bulb breaking,
To which the teams run to fast, dizzying the camera angles,
Panting heavy into microphones,
But never once is it a ghost or emanation,
When all they had to do was take a sheet
And toss it over anyone and call it a specter

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