Monday, February 14, 2011

The Mirthfulness of an old Cow

The mirthfulness of an old cow,
Provides the backdrop,
The serendipity of a zebra waltzing across the stage, his partner a declawed panther
Brought a rise and a roar, and a pausing moment, as everyone took in the sight,
The jackal had a different plan, a follower he’d be no more, intent  he was to own the night

The poorest of the osprey kin, blond and bruised,
Her happiness she finally made it to a stage like this,
Ditched though was her dinner date, for the ever present
Widow who was busy stealing splendor from the lightning fly
The plot unfolded with cackling and cough, to which the osprey took to heart
The on-call notice, from cat to gnat, to wasp to  
 The buzzard and Bumbling Bee circled the arena, surveying the scene,
And then the kittens’ tooth shone, creating an effect like a domino,
From smirk to smile to glassy gaze, a wink told the boa to unleash the phoenix from the sky,
Moments passed and time it froze,
And then the firebird arose, from beneath the stage with a chalice containing purity and gold,
The baboon, with burnt fist, instructed his boss to go deep, go very long
And that the Jackal did indeed, racing swiftly past a gaggle as he ran, escaping the door chalice in hand,

Fifteen minutes to the marching call, A peacock unplumbed its’ tail,
The gander grunted and the rhinos charged
A beagle breaks the piranhas’ fall as a hedgehog cues the applause card,
Swans swiftly sedates the orangutan simultaneous to the moment cricket lit the fuse,
 And so goes the way the bovine saved the day, of course with a little help along the way

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