Friday, February 4, 2011

A Fictional Excerpt From The Hassan Trial

What he’s done seems crystal clear,
Yet it is his right, to plead his case in a court of peers,
And so the jury takes their seats,
Listening intently for burden of proof,
One after the next, a witness is swears,
To answer questions with honesty, and to which they speak the truth,
Frustrated and confused, as each witness descends the stand,
The gravedigger appears to soon have himself another plot of land,
The defendant states his side firmly but not so clear,
Saying his actions were reasonable as he only acted out of fear,
Confessing his lady abused him day and night,
Even in those last moments, forty-six behind her,
She would not die and up until the forty-seventh, his wife continued to fight,
The prosecutor repeated the events, deploring the brutality,
But for the sake of justice he requested Hassan explain with clarity,
To which the defendant stutter-stepped the question with obscure reasoning,
Repeating he felt his actions justified, that things like this happen all the time,

Perhaps he should be thankful,
This trial is not being heard elsewhere, some other country,
To rise and face a jury, to see the lack of sympathy in their eyes,
As the verdict is described, Hassan turns a bright blood red,
To which the Judge does declare, “Off with his head.”

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