Monday, February 28, 2011

Ode to Metal

As vibrations shimmy up the leg
Laying claim to the chambers in my head
Resonate and Reverberate, the rise, the fall
A possession of the body, overtaking it all

Piercing thoughts escape this cage
Subliminal concept replacing sight
Urging violence, seeking fights
A forgotten shell consumed with rage

I hate metal
For how it makes me feel
Alive, awake
Cold as steel
I hate metal
Because it’s more real than real

A bass-line outlines my every step
A haunting rhythm with each breath
Today, tomorrow I’ll have no choice,
Despite the anger and the pain
There’s but one thing I can possibly do
And that’s Metal, I declare myself to you

I wrote this poem a few years ago, and to be perfectly honest, I'm beat.  I wrote a couple haikus earlier today and as pitiful as it might sound, It knocked me out.  Did some reading, some great poems over at the Dual-Themed Poetics tonight, but my fingers betray me, refusing to type, even know as I write this simple note.  So, that all said, i'll be back around to visit tomorrow, when hopefully this exhaustion will take it's leave.  After all, one can only sleep so much in a day right?  But enough of that.  Swing on over to D'Verse, where Brian and Gretchen are co-hosting.  I had this piece about music, which conveniently fit into Gretchen's theme, Brian's mad libs post is definitely something I'll try using, perhaps for tomorrow's post.  In any case, swing on by and get your fill on some excellent poetry.


  1. you capture the power of metal well here...i only do well with it in small doses as it seems to rip me apart..and it does, right... and sometimes we just need exactly this

  2. At first I was wondering if it was metal you had put surgically in your back after the accident and that it was sending "vibrations shimmy up the leg" and now caused "possession of the body". But alas, it was the music.

    I actually can enjoy Metal occasionally -- like for 10 minutes each year. That is how seldom my brain resonates with the pain it indulges in to seek pleasure. (thanx for making me thing -- glad it is not your back)

  3. Hi Fred! I just went through that fatigue, and it sucks. I hope it passes quickly. I like your poem. I kept thinking as I was reading that Metal sounds like a bad boyfriend. Cool how this fitted so well with the prompt.

  4. Because it’s more real than real...ha...i am rather a metal head....grew up i have already made the declaration...smiles...there is a bit of angst in it...and that comes out in the mosh pit

  5. I am not sure from your poem, Fred, if you love or hate metal. But I think I understand that you don't like the sounds, but somehow they draw you in and hold you there. And that is perhaps what you don't like?

    I used to really hate metal, but now I can appreciate it for the reason I expressed above, what it does to the listener. It captures you, takes you somewhere that perhaps you did not want to (or perhaps do?) go. Your poem expresses this concept very well.

  6. Ah, Metal,the Devils music, if some opinion is to be listened to [ok, try not to get outspoken Tino me man] so lets not listen and stay with the music instead ;-)

    A bass-line outlines my every step
    A haunting rhythm with each breath

    A fitting tribute to many Metal tunes. I am sure some bands would be pleased to know they inspired someone to poetry, although they would never admit it in public of course.