Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Shift in Light

Darkness, spoon-fed through a sliver, bends towards
A star of shining brilliance, creeping beneath the gates,
Those truncated arches connecting this to there,
Places most of us don’t care enough about,
That is, until its’ worth merits knowing,
You close your eyes and pray for dreams,

Awake once more, yet this feeling you endure, almost admire,
Lids partly open, eyes partly closed, a subtle softness filters through,
Flittering by, above and below, a harshness rising, darkness grows,
Shielded by deadly lashes, you resist possession, and watch in silence this blackening,
Barely recognizable after what’s been seen, those shiny, sparkly romances, now
Composed from composite angles, only a single shadow remains, infringed upon yet barely hindered by,
Linger it does, linger it must, holding pause in distanced trust,

Whatever resides behind that door, no sense in speculation, but guess you must,
A corridor perhaps, long and winding; with a narrow precipice shortened near the core,
Instead revealed is a sea of red; a blood-red hue, magnetic in its’ satin glow,
A soft and painful melody silhouettes a silky violent tone,
 Swaying slightly to the cadence of an incantation; echoic are the metrics of a breeze,

Moments prior thought escaped,
These same memories now you cannot escape,
Redefined by sight and sound, Awakened; it appears you are.

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