Friday, February 25, 2011

A to Z

Aren’t we the crafty fox?
Brats and traffic, same allegory, different category,
Cryptic are the wishes of the child,
Dense and withdrawn,
Engaged yet elsewhere,
Find me a cryptographer, a cipher, and translator
Get the message turned around before
Hysteria takes control
I will refuse the directive if it arrives second hand,
Join the ranks of disaster-proof, if a hero is your mirrored goal
Kill the innuendoes, if truth is what you’re after
Let me be, and truth be told.
Messages written in code,
Necromancy, alive and bold,
Obscure processional of thoughts
Pondering the forward, the backward, the anagrams,
Questioning authority and the words of every man,
Reverse engineered animated form
Suspending disbelief, in efforts to get it right
True Believer, here I am,
Uncanny key-holder of a strange, strange land
Victory is ahead.   Don’t allow cryonics to slow you down,
Would it make it easier if I spelled this out?
X is the place it all occurs
You, me, the last and first,
Zero, it’s always a zero that starts it all

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