Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I was followed home one afternoon,
As the sun was bathing the foliage, keeping it company, keeping it warm,
The days grow cooler, and would soon be cold, the days shorter, and the nighttime long,

A cat, orange and malnourished,
Maybe it was someone’s pet
That got lost and couldn’t find a way to return,
A few scars, a patch of hair missing
I noticed as it weaved its body between these legs of mine,

I felt bad, maybe even identified,
The first few nights I left a can of tuna, and a bowl of milk,
Inside the garage and out of the cold,

I thought I’d awake and find it had gone,
I created this scenario where it jumped up high,
Into an ever elated nervous owners arms,
My visions never play out,
So a few cans later,
As the temperature declined,
I opened up the door
And let this creature become a friend of mine,
And orange will have to be its name

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