Saturday, February 5, 2011

Absolutely Non-Absolute

Curveballs are life’s way of showing us
That we may be intelligent,
Yet in the grand schematics we don’t know much,

We live in absolutes, with directions built on preconception,
Steeped in definitions we’ve created
Judgments born through speculation
Producing labels on false interpretation,

We may think we have the answers
But the answers we may have
Are conditional to the question
That has come before,

That which stands before us,
In this moment,
 May have similarities with,
Previous experience and learned notion,
However, this moment is this moment and nothing more,
There are no absolutes or predispositions,
None which correctly configure to every situation,
All there is, all there ever will be, is the here and now,
Alive and living, a unique embodiment,
With an ever changing definition

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