Thursday, February 10, 2011

A combination of discarded thoughts

Retracing the steps you've taken,
While walking in circular patterns,
Is a never-ending affair,

Opening your doors and windows,
When you dwell outdoors,
Is a meaningless proposition,

Hiring ten men,
To do the work of two,
Is a futile decision,

Effeciency lays dormant,
In those who ignore it,

Prosperity will not arrive,
To those who have lost their will to survive,

Greed is only greedy,
When you've set boundaries,

Jealousy can not be diagnosed effectively,
While discussing matters with envy,

Patience is a virtue,
I'm, a contraction for I am,
Impatient should then mean I am patient,
Yet Impatience is considered as a vice,

Often I find the funniest jokes,
To be the ones when my laughter
Overshadows the fact no one else is laughing

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