Friday, February 4, 2011

Pied Piper

Crumbling Bleu rock of delicious
Flavor detour just past that next stretch of activity
Where the rain sewers overflow is mingling with the stagnant runoff,
Still, two days later, hasn’t found its way to the drainage ditch,
Perfect example of design providing useful everyday convenience and in this case,
An example of why roads should be designed to brush the rain water off towards the curb,

Silver flute-like device casting tiny tinny musical notes throughout the
Arborous wind, reveling in the moonlit sky, travelling alongside the clouds and constantly
Testing challenging each note to outdo the distance of the note before,
I hear the melody each evening, yet I hear it like a soundtrack to my wandering dreams,
Is it the sound that triggers the dreams or simply the dream is on-going, but easy going enough
To allow the sound the general ease it requires in latching on neatly?
I really don’t think it matters, but this imagined place my soul transports too, I believe merits attention,
I’m wandering the greenest field I’ve ever been accustomed to seeing, now that I think of it, while still
Resting freshly upon my tongue, the roads are non-existent in this dream-thrum, a green field of grass
Surrounded by muddy roads and clay built homes, so I’m dancing like a clown without a care in the
World, when all of a sudden, out of the sky falls this mystical, magical flute, and a boy just as
Spontaneously arrives at my side, he’s speaking Italian, which I unwittingly understand fluently,
He begs me to play him a song, play it loud so every person will awaken and the entire world will
Become my greatest fans,
The offer, too good to pass up, regardless of the obvious ulterior undertones, was promptly accepted
And that same tune I hear daily began to fill this make-believe worlds atmosphere, nothing happened
At first, outside this child jumping brightly from my left to my right, but then windows began to open,
Heads began to peer, the grassy green was no longer beneath my feet, buildings lined both my sides,
And I played, and I danced for quite some time before I noticed I’d left the village entirely, the little child
Was no longer with me any longer, but instead his companionship was cashed in for that of a million or
So well dressed mice, crawling, standing, dancing all the while

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