Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life Reincarnated

It appears an eternity has been erased,
There is a static beginning,
And a fluid end, obviously yet to come,
But the parts in-between seem to have
Traversed this lifetime,
And I am left awaiting its return,

Dreams are like foreign films,
Familiar images in dissimilar scenes,
These are the memories of someone else, a person I’ve never known,

It seems the understanding has returned,
To all the chariots, go forth and tell the world,
Your king has returned,

We are all given two things, life and death,
These are the only constants that connect us all,
It’s what we do in that sacred field of experience,
That pasture of plentitude, that chasm of what cannot be,
It is in this place we cast our unique molds,
And tonight I cast my own,
All the images in my head are nightmares I must bear,
Yet I’ve been given that, which I’ve yet to hear,
A life a death, a Rebirth
Where the only similarities lie within the face


  1. I know I said I wasn't going to comment while reading through your archives but this struck me deeply. The line about foreign films is perfect. I've always loved foreign films - they combine two of my favorite activities in one (watching movies and reading). I have a huge list of recommended cinema on Chromalexicon that I need to organize or make links out of or some other way make useful. Anyway, this is great work, I know what you mean about looking back at what you've produced and always feeling like what you're doing now is better. For me it's linked to what I'm exploring, whatever I am engaged intellectually in while creating is more exciting than the impetus that drove the old piece (because now I've incorporated it, it isn't a new world).

  2. Anna, thanks forgot all about this piece. I like foreign films as well, as long as the subtitles are done right. Sometimes they are blurry or either too big or two small, but that's just me nitpicking. Glad you found something here for yourself, really glad you did. Yes, I completely believe that there is a point when you have to remember what you did at that time and keep it in it's own chamber, so to speak, but it also shows you how different or similar you are now, are still now. And yes, the process usually, for me anyhow, for the most part, brings a slight tinge when I look back on my work, as I do typically like the current work better. Exploration is a wonderful thing most of the time.:) Thanks

  3. Did you get the e-mail I sent you last Friday? I read your new piece today but was heading into a meeting so could only hit the like button. I just got home so I'll make a comment on it now. Thanks for the reply, sorry I didn't see it yesterday.

  4. Anna,

    I didn't see any email, and I just want back through the filters in case it got allocated improperly by the mail program.