Friday, February 25, 2011


The fertility of the soil
Reflects the barren future
In this world, this vulgarity
Under a crimson sky we hide

The length of time
The words we use
Hostages taken in
Shortened sight
Symbolic, Ever-present,
Pieces of omniscience
Blessing the atheist in each of us, for all our sins combined,

Fuel is splattering like a hose,
As children, racing across the grassy fields,
Evading droplets as they approach,
The hearts are filled with laughter,
The scent of their smiles saturate the air,

Flames intend to warm the soul
A blend of cascading whites and blues
An inferno, a helping hand,
Igniting the spark, destined to scorch
All written history, erasing the evidence
We were ever here

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