Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Mind Built Through Isolation

A barren workspace I do seek:
There’s an Independence found in Isolation,
Solitude by choice not by placement or creative construct,
I despise those impersonators, and their convenient smocks of white,
Cloning chickens, splicing genes, for the greater good,

Walls are blank
Only if your thoughts are faint
If they grow and are allowed to blossom
Those bare walls will be vivid, bright and pretty awesome
You’ll have images and memories
Reflections and theories
Chasing after one another
All for your innovation
And perhaps somewhat amusing
In how it all unfolds,

Each crevice, every slat of matter
Left brain, right brain,
There is no such thing as a wrong brain
The mind is the most fertile place of all,
A little sunlight and a lot of knowledge
Will move it from that potted soil
And it will outgrow that tiny ledge on the wall
Isolations not a bad thing at all

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