Saturday, February 12, 2011

Balancing Act

Inside to outside,
 Whispers and shouts,
From the upstairs to the downside,
A kiss has many forms and shapes

Some like it hot, and others cold
Good and evil, Heaven and Hell
Lie to me and truths be told,

Some folk pray, while others prey,
Right and left and right or wrong,
The happy instrumental and the sad, sad song,

There’s the subtle and the dramatic, the shy to the fanatic,
For every synonym, an antonym will be in tow,
First to last, hit the brakes and go from fast to slow,
Between past and future, is the middle, the here and now,

Life’s a balancing act,
A love, hate relationship,
First comes sickness, then the cure,
From white and black to black and blue,
Life’s sometimes easy, yet often cruel,
Live yours in-between and you should do okay,
In the darkness, in the light, for each beginning, an ends in sight

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