Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Walk with me

Barbs, riddles, rhymes and tricks,
Most times I knew the intention, I saw the hook
For most my age would shower tears, even fake being sick,
When in fact, I loved every minute of it,
Unofficially, I must confess, I was talked about more than any other kid,

Sure, you may wonder how I can laud this now,
And pretend appreciative way back when,
What if I told you I scripted it all? Like you’d find in film or up on stage,
Unbeknownst to them I played the role, a stereotype for them to use,
A lure so easy, the bait too great for any to refuse, 

What If I told you that I knew then what I know now?
That as these boys and girls grew, as they matured
Something gnawed at them, vivid recall of things they had done,
 And now they apologetically fawn at me today,
Some punch in from nine to five, to which I nod as I pass them by,
A few are peers, where each subsequent meeting gains all the more appeal,
As I raise my voice, almost on cue they sink their heads, refusing to look me in the face,
But the greatest retribution is with the girls,
As they threw the hardest shots back then,
Some of which hurt and others stung, some delivering with belittling tongue,
Yet now, it does appear, they’ve lost all inhibition when I’m near,
Would you believe such a thing?

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