Monday, February 7, 2011


Voiced concerns seconds prior to the calm
Returned from pause a withered man
 Unabashedly violent in its flagrancy
A curtain is raised, unleashing a swiftly moving violent storm
Journalistic intent displays partiality of truthfulness
Yet this half the world will weigh
Spawning a moistness to your cheek
A Judas kiss, right or wrong,

Making processions from ravaged street to war-torn farm
Dungeons to trial house, from gallows to the noosing place,
Safe passage I’ve found is easiest in disguise
Dirt in face, rasp in throat, ruffle the hair, manufacture holiness within your cloak,
There is no escaping; only delaying,
If you are not as lucky, as few are, to be watching from up high,
Then you, like us all, are but biding the hours until you die,

Do not request, dare not pray.  Treason can be deemed for any reason,
Offense takes upon varied form:  From lies to murder, penmanship to thievery
Anything said or done, judged on merits reserved for few,
For the violator, his friends and family,
 Even strangers in unfortunate proximity, 
Can procure a visit to; a knock upon the hangman’s door

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