Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Sound in the Mirror

A sound in the mirror
Priceless, crystal effigy
Confronts the creator
The facilitator of its very life
Uncanny the obscure mixing with the familiarity,
Gestures, movements, even emotion
A constant reflection
Born in static symmetrical proportion
Its mimicry of motion
A pristine duplication,
Every detail, every scar
Artistic transcriptions
Dedication to minutia and scale,
Even the air passing quietly
Can be seen in each moving follicle of hair

Twist and squirm, gasping for air,
Too Surreal for me to bear
As a second silhouette systematically appears,
It too, a genetic anomaly, a precise duplicate
From clothing to stature,
From vision to voice, it speaks, I hear, I had no choice
Dropping to my knees, in defeat and victory,
One man and his clone unite, shattered on the floor,
While the first mirror remained, silent, still.

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