Saturday, February 26, 2011

On Descending

On Descending
The scales align the same
Whether fur, metal or flesh,
Yet the eyes, they determine the value
What an object is worth,
The more trinkets to enjoy
The brighter the toy is on display,
The largest of the three
Will capture the majority
Increase its rise in popularity
And enjoy its lifetime to the fullest
While the peasants and straw hats
Are tossed by the side of the road
For all to forget
Only to remember a measure of time
Removed from here, only to understand
The ignorance displayed, partially by their hand
And this castaway has since gone underground
With no intention of resurfacing
Simply to scrape away the cruelty you’ve created
A repentant soul is worth saving, 
Yet there are those not worth
The muddying and rekindling of the tears
Developed on your own, in which case
Your soul is better not descending the forgiving path

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