Monday, February 14, 2011

My Babies

Toby is all curled up
Half hidden by the sheets
Right next to mommy’s head,

Chelsea’s in the living room,
Where it’s quiet and warm
The flat screen is playing but she doesn’t care,

The house is calm and dimly lit,
 Chelsea decides to rise from her chair
And keep mom and Toby Company,
Soon however the screams will start,
A toy gets between the two,
The girl can’t seem to share,
Even if it’s something she doesn’t want
If Toby wants it than she does to,
Before someone were to hurt the other,
Then feel terribly for their blunder,
So I take away the toy and put the both of them in a time out,
They look at me with the what did I do stare, so precious I must avert my eyes,
And as soon as I lock the cage, the bell rings outside rings on cue,
Then on command the puppies cry again.

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